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ShareIt is a Google Desktop gadget that allows you to easily share items with your Google Talk friends: text snippets, web addresses, images and pictures, files!

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Please note, ShareIt requires Google Desktop and Google Talk.

v1.0b - ShareIt.exe (325K)

How to Use

Sending Items: Drag & Drop

Step 1: Start dragging your item...; Step 2: ...and drop it into ShareIt; Step 3: Double-click on your friend's name

Sending Items: Copy & Paste

Step 1: Copy your item to the Clipboard; Step 2: Paste it in ShareIt; Step 3: Double-click on your friend's name

Receiving Items

Step 1: Click on the item to expand it; Step 2: Right-click and Copy it; Step 3: Paste it on your computer





The author of ShareIt is Catalin Patulea. Feel free to e-mail me with questions and comments. If you would like to see some of the other things I've done, check out my web site.

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