The DWL-650+

28/02/2006: Since the Eusso driver download site is down, I am temporarily mirroring the copy of the drivers I previously downloaded.

I bought my D-Link DWL-650+ with my laptop, since it did not have integrated wireless. Mostly out of curiosity, but also as a precursor to grafting an external antenna on this baby, I opened up this PCMCIA CardBus adapter.

Taking It Apart

I followed a pretty good (the only?) guide on "pigtailing" a DWL-650+ to open it up.


(same side as LEDs)
(label with FCC ID, MAC address, etc.)


Under Linux

I have been successful getting this card to work under Linux (vanilla using the 0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_57 version of the driver (from the official project page). This is by no means the latest version of the driver, and I highly recommend you try one of the recent stable versions.

Under Windows (XP)

For unencrypted and WEP use, I recommend using D-Link's utility. It's more detailed than Windows' "Wireless Zero Configuration" interface, and works much better for Ad-hoc networks (I'm uncertain how to create an Ad-hoc network using Windows' interface).


Rolf Wojtech says:

Of all drivers, the Eusso driver is the latest ( and includes all the WPA fixes. My advice is to force Windows to use those drivers instead of the original DWL-650+ drivers. I only tested this with an ALL0292 but I'm sure it will be the same for the D-Link card.
The driver can be found at:
Direct link:

06/02/2006: Yes, it works!! I'm on a WPA network with my DWL-650+ right now as I'm editing this file and it's working perfectly! Here are the settings that worked for me:

28/02/2006: Here is a temporary mirror of the Eusso drivers. Eusso is the sole creator and owner of these drivers. This is simply an identical copy of the file I downloaded from their web site a few weeks ago. I make no claims or warranties.


Please contact me at with anything you know about this card; I will gladly add any information here and give proper credit.