Neil's Neural Nets

Neural networks are fascinating programs. They look and behave completely differently from conventional programming techniques, and they can even learn to do new things on their own.
Introduction to Neural Networks.
Background information on neural networks. The theory behind nets and neural learning. Uses examples from BrainBox or Recog to illustrate each point.
*Recog - Character recognition (version 3.9).
A Windows program that learns handwriting. Freeware, with VB3 source code.
*BrainBox - Neural network construction set (version 1.8).
A Windows program that allows one to play with neurons. Freeware, with VB3 source code.
The tank-recognition story.
A funny story that illustrates two of the pitfalls of neural networks.
VV's Neural Network workshop.
Last summer I taught a workshop on neural networks for the Virtual Ventures computer camp at Carleton University. This detailed report is intended to allow other people to recreate the workshop elsewhere.
For more information on neural networks, I highly recommend Peter Raeth's hub page. If it's on the web, it's listed there.


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